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Productivity does not need much space

The Berlin Acoustics Meet

Sound absorbing double walls

For the peace you need

Electric height adjustable table

Suitable for any meeting situation

Low noise ventilation

Fresh air for fresh ideas

Glass door and walls

Soundproof and stable

LED lighting

Ideal for any meeting

4x 230V socket

Power for your devices

Optional: benches

Fit perfectly with the meeting box

Optional: monitor mount

Take your meeting to the next level

Low noise ventilation

Fresh air for a clear head

LED lighting

Optimized for video calls

230V socket

Juice for your devices

Sound absorbing double walls

Noise stays outside, privacy inside

Easily adjustable swivel feet

Firm stand even in the old building

Glass door

Soundproof and stable

Extra wide table

Sufficient space for everything you need

Sustainable materials

Our acoustic felt is made from recycled PET bottles

We offer the best price performance

Best quality with best price!

the ideal complement for any office

Meeting booth with maximum flexibility

This is what is in our Meetinkabine

Meeting room wanted? Meeting room found!

Sound absorbing double walls

Our meeting booth Berlin Acoustics Meet is the ideal place for better meetings. Whether it's the weekly update or a confidential feedback meeting: With its sound-insulating double walls and integrated absorbers, Berlin Acoustics Meet ensures that you won't be disturbed inside. And don't worry: What you say in the meeting room stays in the meeting room.

The ideal power supply

Meetings are time-consuming - we know that. And they often last longer than expected. That's no problem at all in our meeting room: Thanks to the power outlet, you'll never run out of juice in the Berlin Acoustics Meet. And thanks to the LAN connection in the Meet, there's no such thing as bad Internet either.

Height adjustable table

Whether detailed exchange or weekly standup: The Berlin Acoustics Meet is suitable for any meeting format. Thanks to the electrically height-adjustable table, the meeting room can be adapted to your individual needs.

LED lighting

The integrated LED lighting in our Berlin Acoustics Meet creates a pleasant and warm light. It is designed to make you look your best in any meeting - literally.

We stand for the highest quality

Our certifications

ISO 14001

... because sustainability is our DNA


... because we care about the forest


... because our wood is not just any wood


... because safety comes first

ISO 9001

... because quality is our highest good

Blue Angel

... because we conserve our resources