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This is us - the Berlin Acoustics Group

Fed up with constant office noise? Conradin Castell was too - and that's why he founded mute-labs in 2019. The declared goal: to offer affordable telephone and meeting booths while producing sustainably in Germany. The first loyal customers were therefore start-ups. Today, they are also large corporations, schools and universities from all over Europe.

After selling more than 10,000 telephone and meeting booths through direct sales, the Berliners took the next step in October 2022: Just in time for ORGATEC, the newly founded dealer brand Berlin Acoustics Group was launched.

Our mission: "We want to build strategic and trusting dealer partnerships throughout Europe. We think long-term, involve our partners in product development and keep them constantly updated," says Manuel Diekmann, Vice President of New Business at mute-labs - and the brain behind Berlin Acoustics Group. "This is how we want to grow sustainably in the coming years and conquer the European market." In doing so, we benefit not only from mute-labs' years of experience, but also from its three production sites in Germany.

These also allow us to scale correspondingly quickly and to be somewhat independent of global, macroeconomic dynamics.

Satisfied partners

Our first product in the portfolio is the Berlin Acoustics Focus. A single booth designed as a retreat for virtual meetings, phone calls and concentrated work. In the design of our telephone and meeting booths, we have deliberately dispensed with unnecessary extras. Instead, we focus on the essentials. And for one simple reason: "For us, beauty lies in simplicity," says Manuel. Pointless bells and whistles or technical gimmicks? No way! This is how we support companies in transforming open-plan offices into flexible and modern working environments - entirely in the interests of their employees. Focus and Meet are available in black and white.

"We produce soundproof telephone and meeting booths. In Germany. At the best price, because undisturbed work should not be a luxury."

Manuel about the mission of Berlin Acoustics Group